Who is IDIS and what is offering

IDIS is a Professional Service Company that operates in the dental field since 2005.
Created by Specialists with a long time experience in Education and Research activity, IDIS assembles a Team of Specialists and Researchers from European and American Universities and Private Institutions.

IDIS provides on a case-by-case basis, the very best Specialist who more closely responds to the diverse and different needs and requirements in the areas of Education, Research and Consulting.

Although the Company’s primary area of activity is Implantology and Periodontology Education, numerous courses held by Speakers from world’s major universities, are offered in many other Dental specialties (Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontic, Preventive Dentistry, Prosthesis..).

In addition to the specific training for Dentists, IDIS’s Education offers courses for all the Dental Team:

•  Dental Hygienist, with a focus on implant and periodontal maintenance therapy
•  Dental Nurses
•  Laboratory Technicians