Theoretical/Hands-on (4/5 days)

Course Objectives

Hands on sessions

Detailed program

1st Day

The concept of minimally invasive ceramic veneer Diagnostic workflow: how to do a diagnosis for a treatment with ceramic veneers Workflow for the clinical case simulation Transformation of the data from digital to the mock-up device Presentation of the treatment plan to the patient Evaluation of all components of the esthetic zone Treatment planning Diagnostic tools: CT imaging, surgical guide Preparing the implant site for esthetic restorations Video session: digital smile design managing on the PC Tutoring for learning how to prepare on the PC a simple patient digital smile design

2nd Day

Discussion of the smile design management of the attendants to the course Occlusal and functional evaluation of the clinical case Indication for the occlusal plan augmentation in complex cases New materials for minimally invasive ceramic veneers and overlays Type of teeth preparations Clinical cases discussion: how to prepare a tooth

3rd Day

The use of rubber dam? Always or selected? Cementation techniques Video sessions on cementation techniques Interactive discussion on clinical cases of treatment in anterior areas Interactive discussion on clinical cases of treatment in posterior areas Discussion of clinical cases presented by the partecipants

4th Day

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5th Day

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2001: Doctor in Dentistry: vote 110/110. From 2001: Teacher and Tutor Department of Implatology, Head Professor E. Romeo, St.Paul Hospital, Dental Clinic, University of Milan, Italy. 2004: Post-graduated on “Advanced oral surgery and maxillary reconstructive technics” at University of Paris - Paris VII. 2008: Phd on Implant Dentistry and Prosthetic Rehabilitation at University of Milan, Italy. From 2009: Teacher and Tutor at Post-graduate Implant Dentistry and Prosthetic Rehabilitation Course, Dental Clinic, University of Padova, Italy. 2011: Winner of the IIS International Prize for the Best Clinical Research of the 2011. ITI (International Team for Implantology) Fellow Member. IAO Active Member (Italian Academy of Ossseointegration). PEERS (Platform for Exchange, Education, Research Science) Active Member From 2013: Abilitation for Associate Professor for the Italian Ministry of University. From 2017: Associate Visiting Professor for the Shangai (China) University. Author of 30 Publications on international peer-reviewed journals.

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